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Singapore’s drive for… IDM?

In Conference on July 3, 2007 at 1:35 am

Soon everyone in Singapore will know what IDM stands for… Interactive and Digital Media. Singapore’s multi-million-dollar IDM initiative aims to grow the industry in Singapore and turn the country into a digital media hub in the region, and perhaps… the world. An ambitious goal indeed, given that Singapore is not exactly known for its strengths in this sector. However, based on what I’ve seen and heard in my few months in Singapore there is the will and there is talent, so I’m hopeful that things will happen.

Singapore Media Fusion is a portal to all that is IDM in Singapore. Neat site, original design and concept. I could watch these bubbles for hours! Eventually of course the whole initiative will be judged on results, not on web design.

Recently the MDA (Singapore’s Media Development Authority) organized a premier business event titled New Media @ Arts House, which I helped prepare but sadly missed as I didn’t make it in time for my connecting flight in London, on my way back from the iSummit (thanks a lot BA)! Impressions from the event can be found on the iJAM blog. The Arts House looks very fancy (photo copied from the iJAM blog), though I’m wondering how one could follow the entire event without getting a stiff neck from having to look sideways all the time towards the panelists! Of course this seating would be ideal for discussion among participants, so I guess this was the intention.


Based on what I hear my feeling is that the event didn’t entirely live up to the admittedly very high expectations of the organizers. But hey, it was a start. There will be much more to come and it’s exciting times for all of us who are passionate about this field.


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